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  1. First Newsletter: In which I remember my cat Fifi and think about the different kinds of grief we’ve all had to process since the start of the pandemic.
  2. Staying the Course: My reflections on 12 years of marriage.
  3. Thoughts on Letting Go: Thinking about letting go of what no longer serves us, even though its hard for me!
  4. Finding New Adventures: Visiting an alpaca farm and processing a health scare.
  5. Chasing Tolstoy: The best novels I read in 2020.
  6. Between Dreams: On seasonal depression and showing up to write.
  7. About February: The best nonfiction books I read in 2020.
  8. Spring is Coming: A book list for Black History Month.
  9. Before Everything Changed: Reflections on a year of living through a pandemic.
  10. Happy Easter: Remembering Easters past and loved ones now departed.
  11. Time Travel: Tips for good living and good writing.

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